Holger’s Services for the Internet Age

Amazing how technology has the potential to connect us now, worldwide…

Sitting at my computer in Pacific Grove, I enjoy the creativity, tools and skills to develop and realize workable solutions for you, worldwide. I am available to help improve the quality of your life, to add value to your commercial and residential operations:

  • Let it be a website,
  • an online store,
  • a custom development for your business,
  • a workflow strategy to collaborate with your employees, and customers,
  • an improvement in the way you, yourself operate and define your life.

Let’s do something great together; it doesn’t necessarily need to be big.

Historic websites 1997-2010

Please excuse the low image quality of the screenshots:
Click a thumbnail and use your right arrow key.

When you speak to a person in a language they understand it goes to their head. When you speak to a person in their own language it goes to their heart.Nelson Mandela
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